Designed Especially for Traditional Bows

Bowtote™is an easily  adjustable sling designed especially for traditional bows.


It is made to carry the strung or braced bow in many different hands free positions and works great for either left or right handed archers. It is used for longbows, recurves and selfbows, and carries both bare bows as well as bows with an attached quiver. It will fit over most bow tip protectors.


The Bowtote™ is indispensable for carrying the strung bow while hunting on horseback, hauling out game, biking to and from your hunting area, using binoculars, calling in animals, climbing, or any time the hunter needs to have his hands free. The Bowtote™ can also be used to carry the strung or braced bow on an ATV or snowmobile where the law permits.


The Bowtote™ is very versatile and can be used with a daypack or lumbar pack. It is easily adjusted to bow length and body type.


The Bowtote™ can be quickly adjusted to allow for various carrying positions. If an unexpected shot should arise while the bow is slung, the Bowtote™ can be removed in a matter of seconds.




 Installing the Bowtote™                     Bowtote™ Uses 


* For safety purposes the Bowtote™ should not be used while climbing during tree stand hunting.

Bowtote™ Warranty

Constructed using the finest materials and attention to detail, the Bowtote™ will withstand the rigors of extreme hunting conditions and give many years of use. The Bowtote™ is warranted against defects in material and craftsmanship for one year from date of purchase as verified by the purchase receipt. All defective Bowtotes™ will be repaired or replaced. The customer must return the Bowtote™ for evaluation at their expense. Vintage Archery™ will return the repaired or replacement Bowtote™ to the customer, free of charge.

"I ordered one of Joe's bow slings and received it yesterday. Just gotta say it is an excellent sling. Purchase was smooth and delivery quick. All the materials are high quality and plenty heavy for it's function. All seams are well sewn and strong. Sling works well with my 60" longbow and I am looking forward to years of use. I would recommend this sling to anyone." Sept 2011- member comment from Henryville, PA.

"My order arrived this afternoon and I want to thank you for the speedy service.  The quality of this sling is outstanding and it will be absolutely perfect for my requirement. Once again, a most sincere thank you." from another new Tradgang member in Shaw, Ca., Feb 2012

"I finally hit on something that was exactly what I wanted and was almost ready to try and make myself.  It was your Bowtote!  Being completely honest with you, I could not have made it near the same and with the same type of limb tip pockets.  Your design is way better than anything I could come up with making.


It performed as expected, (actually better) and will be going on another big hunt with me in September.  Since last year I have carried my traditional bow on deer hunts as well using the tote.  It is one awesome little product and will be a must have on all future hunts.  Guys are even asking me where I got it at many of the Traditional rendezvous.  Most have never seen it.  I would be happy to promote it on your behalf." Michael M. Sept 2015

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