How to Use the BowTote™

As shown in figure 1, you will see there are two cups which fit over the tip of the strung bow. One of the cups has the label with the Bowtote™ logo. It does not make any difference in the carrying characteristics which cup goes on which limb. The adjusting slide on the one inch strap will be closest to the logo cup when the bow is being carried. Most find the slide easier to reach and adjust when the logo cup is installed on the top limb.



To place the cup on your bow limb, compress the string of the bow against the belly of the bow. Slip the cup over the tip of the bow with the strap running parallel to the string, and seat the limb at the bottom of the cup. Repeat process for the opposite limb.


We recommend if you have a bow quiver attached to the bow and you are carrying the bow on a horse, all-terrain vehicle, bike, etc. that you carry the bow with the top limb down. This will place the feathers of your arrows up near your head or shoulders and away from the saddle or seat. (Horses do not like arrow nocks or feathers rubbing across their rumps). This will also save your feathers.

If you are going to carry the bow across your back you may find the bow carries better if you turn the cups so the string lies up against the seam of the cup (figure 3).

The Bowtote™ is indispensable for carrying the strung bow while hunting on horseback, hauling out game, biking to and from your hunting area, using binoculars, calling in animals, climbing*, or any time the hunter needs to have his hands free.


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